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Palworld gameplay has sold over 1 million copies in about 8 hours since release! Thank you to everyone for playing! #Pocketpair #Palworld

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Welcome to Palworld gameplay the latest sensation in action-adventure RPG gaming, meticulously crafted by Pocketpair.

The game features an open-world experience where survival meets camaraderie, and every decision shapes your destiny.

In the game, mysterious creatures called Pals become your allies or adversaries as you navigate the delicate balance between peaceful coexistence and daring confrontations with a ruthless poaching syndicate.

Survival is the core theme of the game, where the struggle for food and the presence of dangerous poachers create a challenging environment. Navigating this world requires careful decision-making, even if it means resorting to consuming your Pals to ensure survival.

The game emphasizes mounts and exploration, allowing players to ride Pals across diverse terrains, including land, sea, and sky. The game also introduces a unique element with building mechanics, where players can utilize an army of Pals to construct various structures, from pyramids to other architectural wonders.

Players can leverage the skills of their Pals to perform essential tasks such as creating fire, generating electricity, or mining ore. In the game, players must use particular Pals based on what they aim to create in the world.

Is Palworld multiplayer?

Enjoy multiplayer action by teaming up with friends. Engage in adventures, battles, and trade Pals together.

Online co-op mode supports up to 4 players, while dedicated servers allow a maximum of 32 players.

According to Pocketpair, PvP and an increased server player capacity are being developed and will be added in future updates.

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Di jual melalui aplikasi steam

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